Service provided by Center for Clinical and Translational Research, the cost for it is covered by Vice President of Research (VPR).

Who should utilize this service?

  • Researchers directed by COUHES to use third-party consenting services because of their plan to use students from the lab, fellow researchers, and friends to participate in their research study
  • For additional information please visit COUHES website

What is the researcher’s responsibility to get the process started?

  • Complete the intake form link below
  • Meet with CCTR Team before submitting amendment for changes to COUHES
  • Be available for each scheduled consent to explain your study, visit details and to answer any technical questions

Where does the third-party consenting occur?

  • E-consent process occurs via zoom through DocuSign or REDCap

Why do I need third party consenting?

  • You were directed by COUHES to use a third party to consent for your human research study
  • You are planning to recruit participants from your lab or your friend group
  • You are the PI plan to recruit students and staff from your lab

How do I get started?

  • Complete intake form
  • Make sure to select third-party consenting as one of the services needed
  • Schedule meeting with CCTR team (Scheduling link will be available within the survey)
  • Protocol specific instructions will be provided