Is there specific language for recruitment I should include in my COUHES/IRB application?

Always check with your local IRB for institution specific guidelines.

If you are recruiting on websites, social media, mailing lists and/or word of mouth you can simply include:

“Participants may be recruited through social media, flyers posted through-out the MIT community and surrounding areas, mailing lists, and word of mouth...” (etc.)

How do I know if the documents are the IRB/COUHES approved recruitment materials?

Once your study is approved by your IRB/COUHES, the recruitment strategy and materials will include an IRB/COUHES footer or watermark indicating date of approval and expiration date of the study/trial protocol. The materials posted must include this footer/watermark per institution policy.

Are there additional CCTR recruitment services?

Yes—we are happy that you asked. We can assist you in developing:

  • Recommendations on protocol specific strategies
  • Development of recruitment and study educational materials
  • Record audio/video materials to integrate into your recruitment strategy and/or participant education materials using our Observation Suite

How can I learn more about this service?

While submitting your CCTR Study Recruitment Request Form, indicate that you would like to learn more about additional services.