The CCTR welcomes collaborations with both academic and industry partners. We’re happy to work with investigators on grant applications, regulatory reviews, letters of support, and data management that aim to utilize our facilities and expertise. Fostering partnerships between like-minded entities of varying expertise, resources, and perspectives will inspire new solutions and opportunities to collaboratively solve the multitude of complex clinical and translational research challenges that we face today. If interested, please schedule a consult meeting with us.

Grant Application and Proposal Support

For collaborators seeking to use the CCTR in their proposals and grant applications, we can provide written documentation that describes our facilities and services for incorporation into the application package. Furthermore, we can also provide templates for budgeting depending on each investigator’s needs. Letter of support can also be provided upon request.

Collaborative Critique and Reviews

Crafting compelling narratives and research goals to match the needs of various funding agencies is necessarily complex and time consuming. The CCTR welcomes collaborative critique and review of investigator-initiated proposal to improve clarity and alignment to various funding calls.

Regulatory Support (IRB)

For investigators seeking assistance on regulatory approvals for human subject studies, we can provide guidance and recommendations on the IRB application process and work with the investigators on reviewing and revising the application.

Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB)

The IRB will notify you if your research study requires a data safety monitoring board due to the risk to the research participants. Please contact the CCTR for assistance in identifying a DSMB for your research protocol.

For more information on DSMB guidelines, please refer to the Office for Human Research Protections.

Personnel Needs

We’re currently creating and reviewing policy with the institute to provide personnel time for interested researchers. This site will be updated as soon as policy is finalized.

Data management and security

MIT is currently building research data management policies to address availability, security, and compliance of research data that comply with regulatory requirements. Please check back with us in the future if you are seeking guidance regarding data management needs.