The CCTR assists investigator and their team to connect the community in participant engagement and recruitment for your study/research trial. The complimentary CCTR recruitment service includes:

  • Advertising your COUHES/IRB approved recruitment materials on our website.
  • Available to internal and external research colleagues.
  • Study advertisement posted on the newly created MIT centralized study recruitment repository.
  • Complimentary service (no charge).

To access the complementary Study Recruitment service, please submit a CCTR Study Recruitment Request Form. Please include the following information:

  • Name of Study
  • A brief description of your study (1 or 2 sentences)
  • PI/Study Coordinator
  • Study contact information with optional links to:
    • Participant screen/interest form (if available)
    • Study advertisement poster/flyer/social media posting
    • Your lab or study specific website
  • Additional study specific information (at your discretion)
  • If available, include a QR code on the flyer that links to additional study and contact information
  • PDF of your COUHES or local IRB approved study recruitment materials