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Administered by Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (MassTech) through the Mass Digital Health Initiative, Mass Digital Sandbox Program provides grants to assist new technologies in the testing and validation of new products and services in a safe sandbox environment.

As a proud member of the Sandbox Network, CCTR helps empower researchers, members of the biomedical community, and creative companies to turn their ideas into treatments, applications, and products that enrich and extend lives. Companies who collaborate with us benefit from best-in-class technology, expert clinical and technical guidance on experimental design, IRB regulations, and access to the braintrust of MIT scientists, partners, and collaborators.

Massachusetts digital health companies seeking support to test and validate their products or services in the CCTR can apply for grant support to cover our fees from Massachusetts eHealth Institute (“MeHI”) in two ways:

  • Apply for a rolling grant awarding up to $50,000 in subsidies
  • Apply for the Challenge Program, a funding opportunity focused on specific goal, awarding $50,000 for Sandbox fees and up to $200,000 in prize value.

Partnering with the MIT CCTR, Leuko Lab, a promising Massachusetts-based startup company, received one of the Sandbox rolling grants and completed a Clinical Trial on an innovate non-invasive white cell monitoring device.

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