The Center for Clinical and Translational Research offers a broad set of equipment resources for use by our researchers.

A complete list is maintained here, and you can also find equipment listed in individual facilities in What We Offer.

Motion Capture Suite

Floor Force Plates - 4x (Bertec FP4060-07-TM-1000)

  • Four force plates time-synchronized to the Qualisys motion capture system for measuring ground reaction forces.

Qualisys Motion Capture (Miqus cameras - 12x)

  • State-of-the-art, 12-camera, 14’ x 30’ x 8’ space used to capture full body movements of humans or inanimate objects using reflective markers. Equipped with force plates, two live cameras, fall harness, parallel bars, treadmill, and other interfaceable equipment/sensors.

Clinical Treadmill (Phillips ReCare 7.0T)

  • Physical therapy grade treadmill for gait studies compatible in motion capture.

Fall Harness (HandiCare C-625)

  • Ceiling track-mounted, liftable, full-body harness that can support up to 625 lbs.Can be used for participant fall protection and is moveable throughout the entire MoCap space.

Health Labs and Instrumentation Suite

Verasonics (Vantage 256)

  • Verasonics is a state-of-the-art hardware and software platform for ultrasound research and development. The platform enables access to raw ultrasound data from each channel in real time at clinically useful frame rates. The platform allows integration of custom transducer arrays, development of novel algorithms, or creation of new image processing algorithms.

GE Ultrasound (Logiq E10)

  • The Logiq E10 system is the flagship ultrasound system from GE for clinical ultrasound imaging. The system is equipped with linear (ML6-15 and L2-9VN), curvilinear (C1-6VN), phased array (M5Sc), and cardiac probes. The system is enabled with realtime 4D, shear wave, Doppler, and cardiac software packages.

PowerLab (ADI, PL3516)

  • Data acquisition system up to 200kHz. Compatible with most devices that have an analog output. Can be combined with specialized front-ends for more specific tasks.

Octal Bio Amp (ADI, FE338)

  • Galvanically isolated, high-performance differential biological potential amplifier optimized to measure a wide variety of biological signals such as ECG / EKG, EMG, EOG, and EEG recordings.

Gas Analyser (ADI, ML206)

  • Allows the continuous measurement of respiratory gas concentrations. It houses an infrared carbon dioxide sensor and optical oxygen detector.

Spirometer (ADI, FE141)

  • Used for continuous respiratory measurements and lung and respiratory function tests.

Wireless EMG (Trigno, Delsys)

Surface EMG, Inertial measurement units, and force sensors:

  • Avanti Sensor (sEMG+IMU x 1)
  • Galileo Senor (Grid array)
  • Maize Sensor (HDsEMG)
  • Mini sensor (sEMG+IMU x 1)
  • Duo Senor (sEMG x 2 + IMU)
  • Force reaction sensor (4-points of contact detection)
  • Analog Input Adapter
  • Goniometer Adapter
  • EKG biofeedback sensor

Finapres NOVA

  • Non-invasive continuous blood pressure measurement system with calibration to brachial arterial pressure. 8 analog output channels.

Ultrasound phantoms (CIRS)

  • Standard ultrasound phantoms for testing and validation of new ultrasound devices and imaging methods. Phantoms include: Multi-Purpose (040GSE), Elasticity QA (049A), and 3D wire Object (055A).

High speed camera (nac MEMRECAM HX-7s)

  • Compact, high resolution (up to 5 megapixels at 850 fps), high sensitivity, high-speed camera that supports CFast and USB 3.0 data transfer.

Thermal Camera (FLIR T540)

  • Professional-grade, portable thermal camera that can capture data and images. Used to measure different thermal properties and investigate faults or temperature anomalies in various objects or systems.

Infrared Camera (ICI 8640)

  • Highly sensitive and accurate portable radiometric imager. Compact and operates on low-power (<1.2 W by USB). Provides real time radiometric data directly streamable directly to any device or embedded system system. Includes IR Flash software for skin temperature analysis.

Impedance analyzer (Keysight E4990A)

  • Used to measure and characterize electronic components, circuits, semiconductor devices, and materials. Provides industry-best accuracy (0.045% typ.) over a wide impedance range. Frequency range of 20 Hz to 120 MHz with 40 V built-in DC bias source.

High frequency oscilloscope (Tektronix MSO64 6-BW-8000)

  • Used to analyze electrical signals with ultra high fidelity for electronic device and embedded system debugging and performance characterization. 4-channel, 8 GHz bandwidth, 50 GS/s sampling rate, and 12-bit resolution.

Arbitrary waveform generator (Tektronix AWG5202)

  • Used to generate various electrical signals with industry-best fidelity for electronic device and embedded system debugging. 8-channel (scalable up to 32), 16-bit resolution, and 5 GS/s sampling rate.

Power amplifiers (E&I 2200L, E&I 411LA, E&I LO-Z-6)

  • Heavy-duty radio-frequency (RF) power source. Useful for ultrasonics, laser modulation, RFI/EMI, plasma equipment, and general laboratory applications. Low impedance variable transformer included.

Continuous wave laser (Koheras ADJUSTIK E15)

  • The Koheras AdjustiK E15 is a turn-key single frequency DFB fiber laser system with active wavelength control and wide-range thermal wavelength tuning.

Power supplies (Tektronix 2230G-30-6)

  • Use for testing a wide range of devices, circuit boards, modules, and products that require multiple power sources. Two 30V/1.5A channels.

Oscilloscope (Tektronix MDO34 3-BW-350)

  • Used to analyze electrical signals for electronic device and embedded system development and debugging. 4-channel, 350 MHz bandwidth, 2.5 GS/s sampling rate, and 8-bit resolution.

Function generator (Tektronix AFG31252)

  • Used to generate various electrical signals for electronic devices and embedded system debugging. 2-channel, 250 MHz bandwidth, and 2 GS/s sampling rate.

Digital multimeter (DMM) (Tektronix DMM6500)

  • High-performance touchscreen digital multimeter with 15 measurement functions. Used for electrical property measurement and analysis.

USB scopes (Liquid Instruments Moku:Go)

  • Moku:Go is a portable hardware platform designed for benchtop prototyping and teaching. The system is reconfigurable with an analog front-end and a Zynq 7020 FPGA. There are 11 instrument configurations and optional programmable power supplies with real-time processing capabilities.

OptiTrack 3D camera (V120:Trio)

  • The V120:Trio is a plug-and-play multi-camera 6DoF motion tracking system designed for portability.

Clinical Standard of Care

  • Wall mounted stadiometer
  • Electronic standing scale (weight up to 400 kgs)
  • Portable ECG machines
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
    • Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor cart (Connex 7300): with accessories for Blood pressure, SpO2 monitor, temperature
      1. Includes standard Bluetooth connectivity
      2. Simple sign-on options and FIPS-approved encryption of transmitted data
      3. Large color touchscreen with single sign-on capability
      4. Pulse oximetry connection with the Nonin, Masimo or Nellcor SpO2 sensors
    • Omron portable blood pressure device Omron 7 Series with Advanced Accuracy 2 User Mode,​ Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Several portable blood pressure devices with bluetooth capabilities
  • Littmann Stethoscopes
  • Digital Stethoscope: Think Labs One
    • ThinkLabs One digital stethoscope is a state of the art digital stethoscope with capabilities of remote connecting with Works with Zoom, Teams, Webex, and other video platforms
    • Outstanding sound used with headphones, and Amplifies over 100X
  • Grip strength tester
  • Skinfold Calipers for measuring

Cell Shop

  • Fume hood
  • Biosafety Hood
  • Freezers -20
  • Freezer -80
  • Microscope
  • Fluorescent Microscope
  • Vacuum Oven
  • Centrifuge
  • Water Bath
  • (2x) SLA 3D printers

Device Workshop

SLA 3D printers - 2x (Formlabs Form 3B+)

  • One printer dedicated for biomedical compatible materials and one for general use. Located in Cell Shop for EHS requirements purposes.
  • Professional-grade SLA printer that produces high-accuracy, functional parts with best-in-class, precise surface finish. Capable of printing biocompatible materials. Build volume of (5.7” x 5.7”x 7.3”), and layer thickness of 25-300μm (0.001” to 0.01”). On-site resin washing and curing stations.

FDM 3D printer with reinforcement (Markforged Onyx Pro, Gen 2)

  • Industrial-grade FDM printer that produces high-strength, functional parts with excellent surface finish. Build volume up to 320mm x 132mm x 154mm (12.6” x 5.2” x 6”), and layer height down to 100 μm (0.004”).

Laser cutter (Glowforge Pro)

  • Professional-grade 45W desktop laser printer capable of quickly cutting, engraving, and scoring hundreds of materials with precision down to 0.001”. Can accommodate materials up to 11” x 19.5” (27.9 cm x 49.5 cm). Can cut material up to 0.5” thick and engrave materials up to 2” thick.

3D scanner (Einscan Pro HD kit)

  • Professional, multi-functional, high-resolution, and accurate 3D scanner. Offers handheld or fixed scanning options with precision down to 0.04mm. Color pack allows for color and texture scanning.

Drill press (WEN 4214)

  • 12-inch, 5A, variable speed (580-3200 RPM), benchtop drill press with laser and work light. 9.5” x 9.5” work table, ⅝” capacity keyed chuck, and 3-⅛” spindle travel. Can drill through metal, wood, plastic, and more.

Mini drill press (MicroLux 3-Speed Mini Drill Press)

  • 3-speed (2100, 4500, and 6500 RPM) jeweler-grade benchtop drill press. Can drill small holes through metal, wood, plastic. Ideal PCB hole drilling.

Mini band saw (MicroLux Variable Speed Band Saw)

  • Variable speed benchtop band saw equipped with optional cooling fluid. Cutting capacities: wood, 2-3”; mild steel, ¼”; aluminum, ¾”; brass/copper, ⅝”; plastic, 1.25”.

Soldering equipment

  • Complete temperature-adjustable soldering iron station, flux-core solder, and rosin paste flux. Solder remover, brass and wet sponge tip cleaners, and fume extractor. Digital multimeter and power supply available to test soldered connections.

Prototyping electronics

  • Assorted electronics components and cables. Common passive components (resistors, capacitors, LED’s, etc.), semiconductors (transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, etc.), and microprocessor development boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc.). A variety of sensors, buttons, switches, and other electronics components and testing equipment are also available.

Rotary tool kit (Dremel 4300 kit)

  • High-performance, variable speed, corded 1.8A multipurpose rotary tool with a variety of attachments. Capable of sanding, sharpening, routing, cutting, micro-drilling, and engraving small features in wood, metal, glass, and more.

Various hand tools and assorted hardware components (bolts, nuts, taps, etc.)

  • Screwdrivers, socket set, hammers/mallets, and pliers. Saws, shears, and bench vice/clamps. Files, sandpaper, and deburring tools. DeWalt cordless drill and impact driver and Milwaukee hole saw. Various fasteners and other hardware components.


Observation Suite

Remote-control cameras (PTZOptics 20x-SDI Gen2; ceiling mounted - 10x, tripod mounted - 1x)

  • High definition and ultra high zoom (20x) joystick-controllable cameras installed throughout Health Lab bays. One tripod camera can be moved throughout the space. Produces live, recordable, or streamable (via Zoom) footage simultaneously. Editable through Wirecast.

Audio recording equipment (Allen & Heath Qu-16 mixer; Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 audio interface; Shure ULXD4Q receiver; ULXD1 lavalier microphones)

  • Professional-grade digital audio mixer and audio interface consoles connected to high-fidelity wireless microphone receiver. High-sensitivity ambient mics are installed throughout Health Lab bays. Up to four portable lavalier mics are also available.

Cinema-grade camera (Canon EOS C500 Mark II)

  • Tripod-mounted, full-frame, 5.9k resolution cinema camera. Can be used to film documentary-quality video content.

Video production software (Wirecast)

  • Professional live video streaming and production studio software to manage all video footage.

High capacity file storage (SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE PRO)

  • 18 TB external harddrive to store large amounts of video footage. Content can be transferred via USB drive or cloud-based sharing platforms.

Touchdown spaces (PC - 2x, iMac - 1x)

  • Two touchdown spaces include a desktop PC with webcams for general use and conference needs. An additional Mac-based touchdown space can be used for video post-processing and other general purposes.