MIT Center for Clinical and Translational Research can accommodate the full range of human subject research.

CCTR can measure numerous clinical standards of care using tools that include everything from wireless vital sign sensors to high-resolution ultrasound. 

From a project’s early stages through completion, our knowledgeable team of clinicians, technicians and scientists guide you from the initial planning stages through data collection and analysis that helps researchers understand—and expand—the scope of what’s possible. We help teams see around the curves, change course when necessary, and overcome hurdles along the way safely and efficiently.

The CCTR capabilities are not limited to the below and are available upon request.

Services Available

CCTR team is dedicated to providing reliable and high-quality clinical expertise for research participant and for the research team.

  • Participant screening for eligibility
  • Study eligibility confirmation: CCTR staff confirms participant eligibility based on specific inclusion/exclusion criteria in approved regulatory protocol.
  • Study consent and Third party consenting
    • Compliant to COUHES mandates
    • Remote consenting services
      • Web Based Platform (Zoom or other)
      • E-consent process utilizing secure and HIPAA compliant web-based platforms (REDCap, DocuSign or similar)
  • Physical assessments, including standard medical history and physical (protocol specific)
  • Standard of Care equipment comparisons and experimental device validation (Vital Signs, ECGs, spirometry, ultrasound, etc.)
  • BMI
  • Exercise tolerance testing
  • Point of Care testing (pregnancy, glucose, urine drug screening)
  • Collection of bodily fluids (mucous, saliva, sputum, sweat, stool, urine, vaginal and more)
  • Venipuncture (phlebotomy and intravenous catheters insertions)
  • Instrumentation of participants with study-specific and standard of care devices
  • Physiological Monitoring, including ECG/EKG and rhythm strips
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Administration of experimental products (drugs, supplements etc.)
    • Procurement of study product/prescriptions
    • Access to Investigator pharmacy
  • Short term specimen storage (Refrigerator, -20, -80 freezer)
  • Packaging and shipping of specimens as needed
  • BL2 processing lab: blood specimen processing (cold centrifuge, aliquot, etc.)
  • Clinical specimen testing
    • Access to Commercial Clinical Lab
    • MIT Medical Lab
    • In house Abbott iSTAT
  • Questionnaire administration
  • Participant Education tools
  • Ensure the physical safety, care, and comfort of research participants
  • Adverse Event Monitoring and Clinical oversight
  • Travel Clinical Research Services
  • CCTR Clinical: nursing and technical staff can travel to your lab if your medical device or other data collection methodologies dictate

The CCTR capabilities are not limited to the above procedures and are available upon request.

Clinical Research Team

Our highly trained nursing staff can support a wide array of clinical activities and advise on protocol development.

CCTRs experienced team includes Clinical Research Nurses, Research Coordinators, Nurse Practitioner, Physician and Allied health professionals (ultrasound tech, etc.) upon request who work closely with our technical team of Biomedical Engineers and Research Scientists.

The CCTR capabilities are not limited to the below and are available upon request.