Photo: Catherine Ricciardi

Catherine E. Ricciardi, DNP, ANP-BC

Director of Clinical Operations and Research of the CCTR

Dr Ricciardi serves as a Nurse Practitioner and as the PI for the CCTR lab. She has been on staff in the Clinical Research Center of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). She is a clinical research specialist utilizing her extensive clinical and research experience for consultation, the operationalization of pre-clinical and human proof of concept studies and provides oversight of the CCTR’s translational research services and facilities in addition to being an active member of the institutions Investigational Review Board (IRB) known as COUHES. Dr. Ricciardi works closely with many of MIT’s Schools and Institutes as a resource in conducting human research and is a research consultant for The Center for Environment Health Sciences (CEHS) Integrative Health Sciences Facilities Core (IHSFC) and in the development and clinical application of genetics educational modules. Dr. Ricciardi received a Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the MGH Institute of Health Professions, and is a board-certified adult nurse practitioner and human research advisor for the MGH Institute of Health Professions graduate program.

In her spare time, she can be found on any available pickleball court or in the gym kickboxing.

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Photo: Tatiana (Levkovich) Urman

Tatiana (Levkovich) Urman, MSN, RN

Sr. Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator

Tatiana’s tenured career at MIT started at Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) after earning BA in Biology. She worked directly with Susan Erdman on cancer research, then gut microbiome, probiotics and their effects on overall health, including wound healing and obesity in animal models, she co-authored multiple manuscripts, which sparked her interest healthcare, and to nursing school.

Tatiana joined CCTR team while in nursing school and assisted in organizing its administrative structure, streamlining data collection and helping with REDCap implementation. Her wide variety of research experiences provides a great understanding and appreciation of translational research. In addition to expertise with research protocols, clinical oversight and safety monitoring Tatiana has a diverse experience with clinical informatics, such as REDCap, and creating project specific databases for electronic consenting, data capture and reporting. Tatiana is fluent in both English and Russian, as she was born and raised in Russia, moving to Boston in late 2000s.

Tatiana is great at multitasking as evidenced by juggling raising twins, crocheting, and her CCTR responsibilities.

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