Observation Suite

The CCTR Observation Suite in room E25-216 serves as the audio-video control center for ceiling-mounted cameras and microphones installed throughout the clinical research areas. Professional-quality audio and video capture capability enhances the research data collection process for any project and is ideal for studies that require remote monitoring, recording, or webcasting. This space also houses computers available to use for data analysis, simulation, and general use.

CCTR Observation Suite overview
CCTR Observation Suite overview
CCTR Observation Suite equipment
PTZ Camera Ceiling-mounted
PTZ Camera on a tripod
Lavalier mics
Cinema camera
Cinema camera
Camera controller joystick
AV equipment
AV equipment
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Live monitoring of studies

  • Allows for observation of research activities
  • Facilitates the E-consent process

High-definition video and audio recording

  • Record research activities
  • Record professional education modules
  • Record study recruitment videos and participant-informing content

Broadcast live video of research activities via Zoom

  • Remote observation of studies by team, family, or quality control group
  • Present live presentations and theses with exceptional quality

Transmit live images from HDMI-output devices

  • Ultrasound
  • More!

Data analysis, review, and simulation

Equipment List

  • (10x) remote-control ceiling-mounted cameras
  • (1x) remote-control portable tripod-mounted camera
  • (1x) portable tripod-mounted cinema-grade camera
  • Camera control panel w/ joystick
  • (4x) portable lavalier microphones
  • Ambient microphones
  • Digital audio mixer and interface consoles
  • Video production and broadcasting software
  • High capacity external hard drive (transferrable via USB drive or cloud)
  • (2x) Windows-based workstations
  • (1x) Apple iMac workstation

Orientation and Training

Please contact the CCTR for details on the requirements to access this facility. Stay tuned for updates!