Motion Capture Suite

The CCTR Motion Capture Suite in E25-138 houses a maker-based 3D motion capture system supplied by Qualisys. The optical tracking system consists of twelve infrared (IR) cameras that track IR reflective markers within a 14’ x 30’ x 8’ capture space. Markers can be placed on research participants or rigid bodies to track biomechanics or 6DOF motion, respectively. The Qualisys software enables skeleton generation and solving for single and multiple human participants within the space. The Qualisys system is also synchronized with four force plates in the center of the room that measure loads applied to each plate in real time. Additional sensors can also be time-synched and integrated with the motion capture system using the Qualisys sync unit with a digital trigger line. For human subject studies involving fall risk, a fall harness is attached to an overhead track system that moves with the participant throughout the motion capture space. A physical therapy grade treadmill and a separate changing room for participant privacy is also available for use. The facility has reconfigurable floor and ceiling tiles to accommodate for a variety of experimental setups. If necessary, furniture and other equipment can be moved into the room to replicate conditions for experimentation.

Motion capture camera
Motion capture lab
Subject dancing in the motion capture suite
Subject dancing in the motion capture suite
Motion capture marker balls
Motion capture lab
Motion capture lab
Motion capture suite interior
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Motion and Gait Studies

  • Disease motion studies
  • Environmental motion studies
  • Sports studies

Balance and Ambulatory Studies involving fall risk

  • Assistive device studies
  • Prosthetics and gait
  • Elderly

Equipment List

  • Qualisys Motion Capture System
  • (4x) ground force plates
  • Fall harness
  • Physical therapy treadmill
  • Parallel bars

Orientation and Training

Please contact the CCTR for details on the requirements to access this facility. Stay tuned for updates!